Giggling Panda 2022 Summer Camp Review - Day 3&4

The activities that we managed to cover were full of colour, creative and most importantly with endless joy. As you have seen from the pictures, the children did very well painting personalised hats just like Picasso, and making Chinese bakeries as little chefs.

We felt delighted to hear many of you telling us that those straw hats bring back memories from your own childhood, we couldn't agree more. We sincerely hope you will remember this year's summer decorated with the moments from our camp in many years to come.

Day 5 is not only going to be the last day of the camp but also we will be hitting the highest note yet of bringing the week-long stage performance rehearsals to the final show. Although we know there will be head-scratching seconds when the children forget their lines or the running sequence, which is entirely normal for children at this age, especially under spotlight. However we are very confident that everyone will have a great experience of taking part in a great show, because they have shown how talented they are in the past four days.

Once again, thank you for your understanding and all the love you have given to us and look forward to our final show!

Giggling Panda 🐼

Day 3

Day 4

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