Weekly Highlights 本周精彩特辑

Excellent Homework 本周优秀作业集锦

Special Congrats to our Reading and Writing Winners in May


  • Reading Challenge

Rocket Class 1: 赵翊含 500 mins

Rocket Class 2: 刘逸蝉 990mins

Rocket Class 4: 李铭轩 355 mins

Rocket Class 5: Hugo 860 mins

Pre-Rocket Class 6: James 528 mins

Pirate Class Level 9: Lucas Miao 755 mins

Pirate Class Level 8: 谢裕珍 575 mins

Pirate Class Level 6: Irene Miao 700 mins

Saturday Pirate Class Level 4: Henry 520 mins

Sunday Pirate Class Level 4: 赵一恒 450 mins

Ealing Pirate Class Level 8: Siyu 680 mins

Ealing Pirate Class Level 5: Jingxi 200 mins

Ealing Blossom Class: Henry 560 mins

Watford Pirate Class Level 5: Mei 560 mins

Please visit our website https://www.gigglingpanda.co.uk/2020-reading-marathon for our May Winning Class.

  • Writing Challenge:


Irene Miao

Lucas Miao





Hugo Fan

Anthony Leng

Han Liang Loh

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Weekly Highlights 本周精彩特辑

Excellent Homework of the Week 本周优秀作业集锦 Special Event to Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival 端午节特别活动 活动主题: 童“话”端午——和孩子们一起过端午节 活动内容: 1. 观看孩子的端午节舞台剧《屈原》 2. 听孩子们讲端午节的故事和习俗 3. 唱儿歌《端午节》 4. 手工—做粽子 活动方式:Zoom 直播 活

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