Weekly Highlights 本周精彩集锦

Thank you for following our Covid-19 school guidance. We have worked hard with the school site in order to minimise the risk of contraction during our classes. Please read below rules we are operating at our school site.

Basic Ten Rules:

  1. One way system to enter/exit school building;

  2. No parents waiting policy - all parents are required to leave the school site while your child is having lesson;

  3. 15 mins class gap to allow parents drop-off/pick-up your child;

  4. Cleaning procedure - we will provide hand sanitizer to each child before/at the end the lesson;

  5. Face mask requirement - wear a face covering when moving around corridors;

  6. Classroom ventilation;

  7. Unwell reporting protocol;

  8. Surface cleaning before/at the end of the lessons;

  9. Class bubble rule;

  10. Social distancing.

Please click here for more details. We will continue to work with you to ensure safety remains the top priority under our supervision at Giggling Panda, please do not hesitant to get in touch if you have any queries.

Excellent Homework of the Week 本周优秀作业

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