Our Story


I’m Emily, the founder of Giggling Panda Chinese School, we started our exciting journey of creating the best Chinese school in 2015.

As the name suggest, Giggling Panda is a happy school, where our creative teachers give our pupils the best Chinese language education surrounded with endless fun.

We strongly believe curiosity and fun are the best motivation for children to learn anything, our teachers are magicians, they take our pupils onto a journey full of fascinating stories and knowledge that excite them all the time.

Our philosophy is to teach language in a completely different way. In our opinion, learning a new language shouldn’t be boring or dry as sawdust, instead, it should be colourful, dynamic, and full of excitement. Children are always intrigued by the interesting facts and knowledge, and using a different language in getting access to those knowledge is the ultimate goal we have in Giggling Panda.  We live in a completely new world now, the old-style learning has a lot of limitations, and we want to remove those limitations, so the bright young minds can be better fed.

We constantly ask ourselves to relentlessly focus on customer service, just like the children deserve the best education, our parents deserve the best customer service. We put a lot of energy on building a community where our parents not only able to send their children for the best education, but also feel being part of a big family where they can get a lot of additional information and support. We will continue to work with other education institutions to create a centre of excellence for creative skills, and this will always be written in our mission.

We celebrate culture diversity, our children come from different social background, and everyone should be proud of their own culture, the soil we provide at Giggling Panda is not only for our pupils to show their individual talent but also to be the little ambassadors of their own community. We hold regular events to promote the rich culture diversity, entrepreneurship, individual talents etc.  

Giggling Panda will give you the warmest welcome, look after every child as its own, and take every parent on this exciting, happy journey.