Rocket Class​ 火箭班

With Chinese Background     Age 8+

  • Focus on building vocabulary and Chinese traditions

  • Strong focus on Chinese literature

  • Structured grammar knowledge

  • High-quality after-class homework

  • Combined with online learning

  • Track record of excellent results

Rocket class targets children who have achieved an intermediate level in Mandarin (equivalent to YCT level 4) upon successful completion of the Pirate class. The class is designed for children to progress their Mandarin study by advancing their ability to apply their reading comprehension and language competence, whilst learning various topics including Chinese literature, Chinese mythology,  Chinese classical prose and poetry. 


East Finchley: Saturday 11:00-12:00

North Finchley: Sunday from 9:30

Watford: Sunday 9:30-10:30


£340 for 20 lessons

*Please click here to find our full class timetable.