Pirate Class​ 海盗班

With Chinese Background     Age 5+

  • Strong focus on building vocabulary

  • Knowledge based learnings

  • 10 characters every lesson

  • High-quality after-class homework

  • combined with online learning

  • Track record of excellent results


After completing early learning curriculum - suggested for 6 months+, most children would be ready to progress to the next level of learning, which is blended in with more knowledge, constructive learning aiming to advance them to the next level of excellence.  ​


Our Pirate Class is hugely influenced by the scientific researches that have been accomplished by world-leading universities and institutions, our carefully designed curriculum reflects the brain structure and learning needs of children from age 5. Pirate Class has nine levels, which covers over 2,000 knowledge points, and children will be capable of reading simple Chinese textbook from level two onwards. 


East Finchley: Saturday from 10:00 (Various time depending on level)

North Finchley: Sunday from 9:30 (Various time depending on level)

Watford: Sunday from 9:30


£170/term (10 lessons per term)

*Please click here to find our full class timetable.