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Watford Centre - Westfield Academy 

Head Teacher: Lily Li

Ms. Lily is the headteacher and the owner of the Watford branch of Giggling Panda. Graduated from University of Durham in business management, she worked for government over 10 years in China and then moved to the UK to work in the training and event running industry.

Lily is a kind, determined and enthusiastic person who has a strong influence on others. She is passionate in education and has rich experiences in private chinese tuition and group lessons. Mandarin is her mother tongue, and she holds a Class A Certificate of Mandarin Proficiency issued by National Language Committee of the People’s Republic of China. She believes Chinese culture has a long history, that needs cherishing and promotion, especially to those who lives overseas and have an interest in learning. She would like to make the Chinese learning a fun way of culture exchange, and to pass the great value of it from generation to generation.

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