Giggling Panda 2022 Summer Camp Review - Day 5

Dear parents,

Day 5 marks the end of the week-long summer camp. However, the beautiful memory will stay with us forever!

Together, we felt so proud for what they have managed to accomplish in the past five days. Whether it was art creation, teamwork ethics, friendship building, stage performance, regardless of children's ethnic background, mandarin capability, and age group, they all did brilliantly!

We also felt extremely grateful for being able to hold your precious trust and belief in our educational ethos, and exceeding the objective that we set at the beginning of the journey. We know there must be many areas that we could do better, those comments will be noted and discussed for further improvement. We will be looking out for your further feedback in the coming days/weeks.

We'd like to use the opportunity to say a sincere thank you for being so kind, patient and generous to Giggling Panda. The best way to repay your support is to continue the journey of working with you with the best dedication in giving the children the best mandarin education.

In the meantime, please watch the video recording of the performance! Have a joyful, peaceful summer holiday, look forward to seeing you in September!

Best regards,

Giggling Panda teaching team

The Final Show - Cowherd and Weaver Girl Stage Performance

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