Giggling Panda 2022 Summer Camp Review - Day 2

Despite the sharp cooling down of the British summer, our beloved Chinese camp remains hot, hot, hot! That is all because the trust you have dedicated to us and the positive energy every child brings with them every day.

Here is what happened on Day 2. Built on the success of yesterday, we had a clear plan of getting the children to familiarise themselves with the Qixi story and more critically, the narratives of the stage performance. They truly amazed us with the speed of learning and collaborative spirit each one of them shines through the black stage curtain.

The afternoon session was challenging, purely because everyone was given a pack of raw materials to make a flower basket - as you would have imagined, it was a head scratching moment to some of the younger children. However, with the help they received from their friends, everyone had overachieved what we initially thought would be a messy session. You guessed, those hand-crafted flower baskets would be used together with the fans that they made yesterday on the stage performance.

Apart from the above key differences, we also did outdoor activities, drawings, snacking, socialising, which were like the icing on the cake made day 2 extra special. It is worth pointing out, what made us pleased the most was the fast-growing friendship among the children, each one of them is learning fast to put others at the centre instead of themselves - they are truly amazing!

We hope you have seen similar shining sparks in your children's eyes and big smiles on their faces! It may sound like the tongue in the cheek, but at Giggling Panda, we measure our success based on your children's experience, therefore, please do feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback that would help us to continue to exceed your expectations!

Thank you!

The Giggling Panda teaching team

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