Giggling Panda 2022 Summer Camp Review - Day 1

Dear Parents,

As you might have heard from your loved ones, we had a lovely time at the camp on day one! It was so nice to see the innocent beautiful smiles before they wrapped up a busy day's of activities.

Here is a quick rundown of what we managed to cover as planned first day activities.

We started the day with a few icebreaker games, it went so well that they started to get to know each other and shape groups as we wished.

Then, we moved on to do some funky dance and told the legendary story of Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day). After the story, we took the opportunity to strike iron when it's still hot by assigning roles for the stage performance of Qixi. They were all excited to fit themselves into roles from being an Ox or the god mother of heaven.

All 25 children were assigned into five colour-named groups and each of them as a team leader to encourage their team work skills. We spend roughly 30 mins for lunch followed by 45 mins outdoor PE activities. As you can tell from the pictures, they had an awesome time running ups and downs on the little hill.

The Chinese art creation session in the afternoon was another highlight of the day, everyone of our young artists used their inspirational mindset and small hands drawing and painting their ideas onto traditional Chinese fans wonderfully. BTW, those fans will be used in the stage performance and ready to bring them home on Friday.

By this point, I thought I would stop writing as you should already get a good flavour of what your daughter/son has accomplished at Giggling Panda on Day 1 of our summer camp. Look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

Love you all, parents!

The teaching team of Giggling Panda

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