Giggling Panda Ealing Centre New Location for Saturday class

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Giggling Panda Ealing Centre has been operating for over a year now, since its launch in September 2018. All our current students have improved so much in their Chinese Mandarin over the year, what’s more important is that their interest in learning this Language has continued to grow from day 1. In order to benefit more families in London, today we are super excited to announce that our Giggling Panda Ealing Centre will launch its Saturday classes at a new school location in Acton from our Spring term in 2020!

The new Saturday school is conveniently located at Ark Acton Academy, which is 5mins walk from Acton underground station (Piccadilly and District Line) and 5mins drive from Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre. There is also an onsite car park which is shared with the Reynold’s Sports Centre right next to the school.

Therefore, from Spring term 2020 onwards we will have 2 school locations in Giggling Panda Ealing Centre. The term will start from 15th/16th Feb 2020, please see below the class timetable and introduction of each class offered.

Saturday Class

9.30am - 10.30am Pirate Level 1 (age 5+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin)

10.30am - 11.30am Blossom Class (age 3+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin)

11.30am - 12.30pm Pearl Class (age 4+ with zero ability to communicate in Mandarin)

Ark Acton Academy

Gunnersbury Ln

Acton, London W3 8EY

Free Taster Session!

The headteacher Lisa Laoshi will offer a one-off pre-launch free taster class for our Saturday class on Sat 8th Feb 2020. The class will be delivered in the same way as the normal class, which will give the children an opportunity to come along to meet Lisa Laoshi and have a taste of what the magic Chinese learning journey will be like! Parents will also have a chance to speak to Lisa Laoshi who will answer all your questions about our lessons and curriculum on the day. In order to secure your place please register HERE. Spaces are limited so please register now to avoid disappointment!

9.30am - 10.30am Pirate Level 1 (age 5+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin)

10.30am - 11.30am Blossom Class (age 3+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin)

11.30am - 12.30pm Pearl Class (age 4+ with zero ability to communicate in Mandarin)

Ark Acton Academy

Gunnersbury Ln

Acton, London W3 8EY

Sunday Class

9.30am -10.30am Pirate Class Level 7

(2 spaces left, required knowledge of 600+ characters)

10.30am -11.30am Pirate Class Level 4

(3 spaces left, required knowledge of 300+ characters)

11.30am -12.30pm Pearl Class

(age 4+ with zero ability to communicate in Mandarin)

1pm - 2pm Blossom Class

(age 3+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin)

1pm - 2pm Pirate Level 1

(age 5+ with ability to communicate in Mandarin) new class for 2020 Spring term

Alec Reed Academy

Bengarth Rd

Northolt, London UB5 5LQ

Please find below introduction of each class offered. There are also some class photos which hopefully will help you understand more on our teaching methodology and our current children’s class experience.

Pirate Class

Our Pirate Class is hugely influenced by the scientific researches that have been accomplished by world-leading universities and institutions, our carefully designed curriculum reflects the brain structure and learning needs of children from age 5. Pirate Class has nine levels, which covers over 2,000 knowledge points, and children will be capable of reading simple Chinese textbook from level two onwards.

  • Strong focus on building vocabulary

  • Knowledge based learning

  • 10 characters every lesson

  • High-quality after-class homework combined with online learning

  • Track record of excellent results

Blossom Class (age 3+)

The class targets pre-school learners with an existing ability to communicate in Mandarin. The class is delivered with carefully designed and selected content, which combines stories, songs, games, poems and traditional cultural activities to stimulate their interest in learning Mandarin, as well as developing an understanding of Chinese culture, history and people.

  • Small class size

  • Packed with songs, stories & Chinese poems

  • Arts & crafts with Chinese traditions

Pearl Class (age 4+)

Pearl class targets young learners from reception age and above with little or no Mandarin background. The class is designed to combine various structured games, activities, role plays, stories and in-house songs for children to learn the language while having fun.

  • Small class size

  • Learning through songs, stories and role plays

  • Packed with endless fun

  • Online learning APP for home learning support which is in line with our curriculum

Our current students have been immensely enjoying their Chinese Mandarin learning, let’s have a look at what our current parents say about Giggling Panda Ealing Centre!

“The blossom class is a truly immersive experience for the children. The session is conducted in mandarin, but is quite unlike your typical mandarin class. Having sat through a few sessions myself, i know the children have been exposed to quite a spectrum of topics, from underwater sea creatures to teeth hygiene. My children are very fortunate to have found Lisa 老师, as she is a dedicated educator, whose passion and pride in her work shine through. We find her teaching style refreshing and inspiring.”

“Matthew has shown remarkable progress and development in his Mandarin skill. It was one and a half years’ ago when he joined the Giggling Panda Chinese school, Ealing Centre. At that time he did not recognise a single Chinese character let alone understand any mandarin word. Now, he is able to readily recognise more than 200 Chinese characters and able to understand basic instructions communicated in Mandarin during lessons. This phenomenal achievement can only be attained by the well structured programme executed by an inspirational and dedicated teacher, Lisa. Lisa has shown tremendous patience and experience in ensuring individual child’s learning needs are catered to. This, coupled with her infectious enthusiasm, creates an environment where Matthew truly entrenches in his pursuit of learning his mother tongue. As parents, we are immensely grateful to the school and Lisa for all they have done.”

“ My five year old daughter has truly enjoyed the interactive and fun packed Mandarin classes offered at Giggling Panda Ealing campus. She is excited about going to the class on Sunday, and playing with her Chinese friends. As parents, we are very impressed with her progress, and highly recommend the school to other parents.”

“ My 6-year-old daughter has been enjoying herself in Giggling Panda ever since she started over 6 months ago. We have been very surprised and pleased on how fast she had progressed in her reading in Chinese. We love the way they are teaching as it involves a lot of games and knowledge associated in the class and the children simply love it! It is definitely the best Chinese school we would recommend!”

“ Teachers are playful, activities are varied and well planned, my daughter has always been interested and eager to go to each lesson. She learnt Chinese not only from dry textbook, but also through activities with cultural touches, like festivals, food and traditions. Hard for me to make a comparison as this is the only Chinese school we have ever experienced. But from what I can see, my daughter loves to go to the Giggling Panda school, meet the teacher and other children, and her Chinese improved quite a bit – she sings and speaks Chinese more frequently, accurately and freely. What else can I ask for?”

“We were a little wary before joining giggling panda as my son had already been taught by a private tutor and had struggled to focus. We figured that being in a classroom environment would be beneficial and we were right! From the start Lisa has been patient and amazing with him. He loves his weekly Chinese lessons and has retained the vocabulary learnt even months after! Lisa makes it fun with songs and games, puts children in the appropriate class/level and I think the most valuable thing is the homework support we get through videos we can watch during the week, reinforcing the childrens’ learning. I would highly recommend giggling panda to everyone!”

“Pearl Class has been a fantastic introduction to the Mandarin language and Chinese culture for my children aged 3 and 4. The learning through games and songs has been the key to my children being engaged and confident through the sessions. The teaching has been brilliant and tasks to keep up practice at home have been a fantastic learning aid. I would highly recommend Giggling Panda!”

“My 4-year-old attended Giggling Panda Chinese school, Ealing centre, since September 2018. He started of quite shy and required me to be in the class with him. After a few classes, he became more confident and didn’t require my presence. He goes one hour every Sunday. There are a lot of singing, dancing, and story telling. The children learn Chinese with a lot of fun. There is also homework after each class but quite simple depends on which class level. My son enjoys the classes as well the homework. The head teacher of the branch - Lisa, who is really enthusiastic and energetic. She puts in maximum effort into all the prep work, classes and follow up with homework. We are in the second year of the Chinese learning, my little one will get really upset if he misses any of the classes! My son was upgraded from Pearl class to Blossom class September 2019. They started to learn Chinese poets. He enjoys learning the poets and often read them out loud at home. Well done Lisa and team!”

“As a Chinese and English family, it is very difficult to get children interested in speaking Mandarin let alone sustaining the interest. We decided to enrol our boys to giggling panda and we are not disappointed. Lisa is such an excellent teacher that she made the class fun and educational. The contents of the class is very sensibly chosen. The exposure to a different language environment (except just me at home) is so helpful too! We would highly recommended Giggling Panda.”

“We are very pleased with the progress that our daughter has made this year at Giggling panda. As parents we have noticed gradual and steady improvements in her mandarin especially in reading, speaking and listening. As a result, she is a lot more confident in her mandarin. Thanks to Giggling panda she has developed an interest in learning mandarin which from my view is more important than anything else.”

So what are you waiting for? If you are interested and the above all sounds right fit for your children, please come and join us! Giggling Panda family is always welcoming new members and ready to work with ours parents on guiding our children through this magical learning journey! Last but not least please share this exciting news with your friends and families!

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